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Home! Wed, 2012-08-29 20:03

I spent a few days at home this week, and it was great! Managed to see my best friend, meet her cute wee little one who turned 1 month a few days ago. Got the chance to re-introduce myself to her oldest, who is finally old enough to say my name - he might even recognize me next time I visit.. Took both kids to an amazingly awesome indoor playground for a few hours to have an excuse to climb on the bouncy castles, jump on the trampolines and fly down the slides myself :) He had great fun too of course.. 

And inbetween all these exhausting activities I got to spend some time with my sister (that purple knitting is the Little Sister dress she's making, it's doty!) and my parents. There was chocolate biscuit cake (as there should be), and a game of cards (I won ;) and it was my dad's birthday (sort of, we pretended it was..)

All in all a great week!

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