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Barack Obama in Dublin Mon, 2011-05-23 22:34

Barack Obama visited Dublin today. Since we were working, and our office was right in the middle of it all we got a good view - at least a good view of the crowds, the man himself was still a tiny speck in the distance.. but still.. we were pretty close :) 

Lacy Vest Thu, 2011-05-12 16:25


Remember that vest I had to rip back a while ago? It's finally finished! Quite pleased with the result :)

Famous! Mon, 2011-05-09 18:51

I'm finally famous :D My paper, based on my PhD thesis got published in the Journal of Functional Programming! I submitted this paper at the same time as my thesis (September 2009), but it eh.. took a while to be accepted, revised, revised, rewrittend and eventually actually printed :) If you want to read it, you can find it on my publications page ;)

Easter Break Wed, 2011-04-27 18:44

An desperately needed break this Easter holiday! We spent a nice weekend at Delphi Mountain Resort. Great food, a nice and relaxing spa and a bit of hiking when the weather was nice. What more could one wish for? 

Spring Tuck Tue, 2011-04-26 18:57


Test knitting this for a friend, it's a very nice pattern and exactly what I had been looking for to knit for my mom.

The pattern is fairly easy to knit after you get the hang of the chart, and only uses half a skein of pretty yarn, so perfect for those nice and expensive skeins you have lying around of which you only have one! More pictures (in different colours etc.) can be found on the pattern's download page

Green Baby Hat Sat, 2011-04-09 21:35


Baby hats are best modelled by vegetables when no babies are present.. right?

Tetris Baby Blanket Sat, 2011-03-19 18:52


This was really great fun to knit - very simple, but all the colour changes keep it interesting (and you just want to see what's coming next :) 

Second scarf, hat, mittens set for Bryan Fri, 2011-01-14 19:47


Another winter set for Bryan as he grew out of the first one way too quickly! :) 

Nomnoms Wed, 2010-12-29 17:22

I met my sister's cat today, his name is Nomnoms and he's such a cutie!

Chilling Out at the Airport Thu, 2010-12-23 15:19


I finished the first mitten in 2 evenings at home and the second during a day waiting at the airport. Just as I cast off the thumb our boarding call finally came. Unfortunately after an hour or so on the plane we were told to un-board again and had to go home :/

So no Christmas at home with the family, but I do have a pair of nice warm mittens now if we do manage to get home next week! :-)


First scarf, hat, mittens Set for Bryan Sun, 2010-11-14 17:58


I was asked to make this set for Bryan to get him through his first winter, was great fun to do! He's about 7 months old now, and is clearly delighted with it ;)

Wheeeeeeee! Fri, 2010-11-05 23:48

This made me smile today :-)


Bean Bag Tue, 2010-11-02 21:04


Somebody gave me a beanbag! Best. Gift. Ever. It's the perfect place for knitting - as long as you don't realize you've forgotten to put that tape measure within easy reach before you sit down, as getting up out of it can be a bit tricky :)

And this is what I've been working on:


Unfortunately the picture on the left is the "before" picture and the one on the right the "after". I had tried it on repeatedly while knitting, and each time I thought it was a tiny bit small, but not that small. Then last week I finally admitted defeat and decided that a slightly bigger size would be a great improvement. But I really like knitting this pattern, so surely the second time will be fun too? :)

Silke-Alpaca Scarf Thu, 2010-10-21 21:33


This yarn is amazing! Not sure why exactly, but it just drapes perfectly and is nice and heavy. Just perfect.

After I spotted a scarf The Constant Knitter had made in this yarn I just had to have it...

Re-Cloching Wed, 2010-10-06 18:26


I have sought some expert advise and am told it is possible to rip back the cast on side of knitting, pick up those stitches and re-do the brim of the cloche hat. I started unpicking the cast-on edge. This went quite well, even though it took aaaaaages to unpick that first row. Then followed some nice frogging of garter stitch.. and then I was stuck.. just wouldn't work. That's when I remembered this post from the Yarn Harlot which says


"the reason that I didn't just unpick my cast on edge and ravel it that way, is because ribbing cannot be ravelled from the cast on direction. Something about the knit/purl combo means it absolutely doesn't work."


And hey, she's right :-) The only way to unravel ribbing backwards is to pull the entire tail of the yarn through a stitch at every change from knit to purl and vice versa. Seeing as the tail was getting quite long at this point I decided I should preserve my sanity and get out the scissors.. a waste of good yarn, but well worth the hours I saved! The result is a hat with needles in the correct place to start knitting a new brim, a small ball of yarn, and lots of odds and ends. 


(and, no spam so far, hah! I knew those spammers wouldn't be able to answer knitting questions ;-)

Captha'd Sun, 2010-10-03 11:24

Sorry, this site has been captcha'd! Somebody on the internet linked to this website (yes, I'm looking at you new Irish Knitting Site :-) and the spammers have found this previously quiet place. I did a fairly good job of ignoring them, but after 5 spammy comments in 2 days they got the better of me. But! Instead of subjecting you to the usual blurry image containing unreadable words that need to be reproduced (fun as they are!) I decided to try something different: knitting riddles! To submit a comment you'll have to answer a (very simple) question about knitting. I kept them really simple as I want non-knitters to be able to answer them too with some common sense, so not much of a challenge I'm afraid. If you want to see the riddles, leave a comment! Or two.. or three.. :-) Also, if you've any suggestions for more riddles put those in a comment too (without the answer.. don't want to make things too easy :) or send me a message

Oh, and if you haven't already visited the new Irish Knitting Site, you should! It's a great source of information, including upcoming knitting events, Irish knitting blogs, knitting groups in Ireland, yarn stores and much more!

Three Rock Mountain Sat, 2010-09-25 16:55

My parents are visiting Dublin for the week, so I had a really nice day off yesterday. We ended up taking a bus to Three Rock Mountain near Stepaside, where we spent about 4 hours. It was exhausting :-) I always plan such walks using the excellent book "Easy Walks near Dublin" by Joss Lynam, which describes how to get there, which walks can be reached by public transport and what to bring / what to avoid. So far it has always worked out really well, although we do usually get lost at least once. This time we didn't strictly speaking get lost.. but we did manage to do the whole walk backwards and only figured out in the end when our map told us to go left and our instinct told us we should go right. After a few minutes of puzzlement we spotted a few landmarks, looked at the map again, scratched our heads and finally figured out what happened. But hey, that's not really getting lost right? We didn't walk any extra distance.. although there was one fairly steep climb in there, but I'm not sure going down that instead would have been much easier.

Anyway, we really enjoyed it, and our legs hurt plenty from the downhill stretch, and we didn't see a drop of rain! So, hi to everyone from my parents, enjoying a beautiful day in Stepaside:

I finished the hat! It looks really great and I love it, but only when I'm not wearing it... which is a bit of a problem. The shape is perfect, the yarn is amazing, the colour is great, the pattern is awesome.. but it just doesn't fit me right. Here's what it looks like when I'm not wearing it: (slightly dark picture, my apologies)

Do you see that buckle? I love hats with buckles or buttons! But when I wear it it just seems too small - the edge doesn't really curl upwards and that makes it look a little bit like a swim cap.. not really the look I was going for :) I will bring it in to Brooks next week to ask some expert advice from whoever is there!

A Rainy Weekend Sat, 2010-09-11 15:32

There is lots of noise outside, a guy with a megaphone (loud hailer/bullhorn, what is the acceptable term for this device in Ireland?) shouting unintelligible things and lots op people on Capel Street bridge. So of course I had to have a look to investigate what is going on. Apparently it's that time of year again: the Liffey Swim! Where some mad people decide swimming in the Liffey for 2k will be fun.. mad I tell you. So I took a picture of the madness, and then went back to my knitting (a much more comfortable hobby, for sure).

5 minutes later it starts lashing.. absolutely lashing! Luckily it looks like most of the swimmers have at least made it to Ha'penny Bridge (I think they need to go up to O'Connell Bridge?) so nearly there.. strangely all the people that were standing on the bridge to watch have suddenly disappeared :-)


Anyway.. got slightly distracted there. I really just wanted to show you this:

Thursday night This is Knit organized a yarn tasting, and it was great fun! Lots of yarn to be 'tasted', plenty of knitting and loads of knitters, what more could you want :-) The event was really well organized with all the samples packed wound and packed up, great displays of patterns, yarn and FOs and plenty of knowledgeable staff members to help us identify the samples we got. The only downside was the lashing rain (yes, again, certainly seems to be a recurring theme this week - got soaked when I came home from the airport on Monday, got soaked going home from work on Tuesday, got soaked after yarn tasting, would have gotten soaked today if I didn't cleverly stay indoors :-) which ruined the pretty sample bag, but thankfully the samples stayed dry! 


Now I just need to decide what to do with the samples... I would love to combine them all (or at least the ones from the same weight) and make them into something pretty, like K. did with her samples last year to make this amazing hat! So that's my goal.. the reality might have to be slightly less ambitious :) For some really amazing photos taken at yarn tasting visit J.'s blog, she took some really amazing pictures - and you can see the yarn cupcakes there! :-) 


I'm also very excited about my half-finished cloche hat:

The yarn is really squishy and soft, and I love the colour (a lot darker than in this picture) and the pattern is just so cute :) Tomorrow I'm going on a quest for a nice buckle to put on the hat (if it's not raining :) and I'm really hoping I can finish it this weekend. You'll see the rain will stop as soon as I have my hat - so if it's still raining next week you'll know I'm still working on it ;)


My Bank Holiday Mon, 2010-08-02 17:46

Business-y Sun, 2010-07-18 19:59


Aaaaand its done! After a very nice afternoon with tea and knitting at The Constant Knitter, I managed to finally finish my vest!